Township Assets and Resources

While roads are the primary resource that township governments oversee and maintain, there are a number of additional assets that they are responsible for.  These include parks, cemeteries, vehicles, buildings, and all their associated maintenance like repairing signs, preparing burial plots, cleaning ditches, plowing snow, and mowing roadsides.

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This is a partial list of assets the township oversees:

Roads Ditches
Signs Street lights
Trees in parks and cemeteries Burial plots
Guardrails Catch basins and drain pipes
Township buildings and vehicles Park furniture


Road Superintendent

Christopher Bradek



Cemetery Fees

Burial Plots
Resident $300
Non-Resident $600
Grave Opening Monday-Friday Sat until Noon Sunday or Holiday
Adult $400 $550 $1000
Infant/Child $150 $300 $500
Urn $150* $300 $500
* Plus cost of vault for urn $150
Email ( for time restrictions and overtime fees
Exhumations $1,500 (weekdays only)
Foundations $30 per cubic foot^
^ All monuments and stones will be set on a foundation. Foundations will be poured 8” larger than the base of the monument or stone, length and width and will be 36” deep.
The person who is ordering the foundation, including for Veteran markers, shall pay the fee before the pouring.
Pouring will be done twice a year. Foundation orders and payments are due April 1 and September 1.
Monument companies may dig, form, and pour their own foundations under the supervision and approval of the Sexton.
Special or extenuating circumstances need to be discussed with the Cemetery Sexton.




Infrastructure Map

See the Township’s assets mapped out in this online application: Explore Kingsville